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Trade Show Tips

If your company is looking to set up an exhibit at a trade show, it is important to ask yourself: How do I set up at a trade show to get the most out of my experience? Trade show exhibits could potentially cost a lot of money, as well as time and resources, making it doubly important that the company gets the most out of its exhibit. The trade show tips below are sure to help you during your event. 

Trade Show Tips


Taking the time to plan an event like a trade show strategically could help you get the most out of it, and lead to your business receiving more leads on potential new customers giving it new opportunities for growth.


Below, you will find some tips on how to set up your trade show to cast your business in the right light.

Set Your Trade Show Goals


The first step in setting up your trade show should be deciding what it is that you are looking to get from the exhibit. Decide how many attendees you are looking to attract and how many leads you hope to generate. Ask yourself if you are intending to sell products or if you are just going to focus on promoting existing products. Do you have auto products? Or maybe some home products to showcase? Make sure you set goals that cater to your products. 


Of course, it is possible to have multiple goals. However, the main goal, or goals, should be clear. The company should know what its return on investment will be for its participation in the trade show.

Research the Trade Show

Trade Show Tips

Find trade shows that will provide the company with the best return on investment in reference to the goals that you set in the first step of the setting up of the trade show.

Book the Space


You’ll need to learn everything you can about the space that the trade show is offering to your company. This includes where the space is on the floor, what other exhibits are close by, if it is a high traffic area of the floor, and what are the physical conditions of the space.

Target Your Exhibit to Your Audience


When constructing your exhibit, make sure that you take into account the audience that you are looking to target. If you have specific audiences in mind, you should plan an exhibit that speaks to those types of professionals. Look into demographic data to learn what they are interested in.


If you have multiple audiences in mind, have information for each audience’s needs.

Advertise Your Participation


Let your audience know that you will be participating in a trade show and where they can find your booth on the show floor. If there is a program available, consider advertising in it as well as programs are given to attendees during the trade show.

Other Tips

Trade Show Tips

Now that you’ve planned your booth, you may need some other tips to push your exhibit to the next level. Use social media to engage the audiences you’ve chosen to target and promote your attendance. You can also use contests to pull in large crowds to your booth. Larger crowds pique interest.
Have stock of the items you can giveaway and actively engage anyone who visits your booth. Here are Southshore Festival we know how important a trade show can be. Using these trade show tips, you are well on your way to making your trade show attendance a success.