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Cost of a Segway

Although Segways come in a wide variety of models, the term widely refers to the two-wheeled electric personal transporter (PT). Segways have become quite popular over the past few years- especially because of their ease of use and versatility. The Segway uses innovative technology for steering and stability that allows the driver to accelerate and brake simply by leaning on a handle at the front. They can be purchased or rented for tours. So, what’s the cost of a Segway?

Cost of a SegwayCost of a Segway

Did you recently participate in a segway tour, and now would like to own one yourself? This post highlights the typical costs of purchasing or hiring a Segway. It also includes additional costs for using a Segway as well as what you can expect to pay for add-ons.

Typical Costs

A brand-new Segway will set you back from $6000 up depending on the model and where you buy it. Add ons such as fenders, those that are long-range, or segways that are faster can also cost more. You can also rent or take tours on Segways in most cities. They can also be rented for special occasions such as festivals, or by businesses.

What Should Be Included

  • Less expensive Segways models include the machine but may not include a footpad or front basket.
  • Some expensive models often include a taillight, mats for the driver’s platform, bags that attach to the handlebars and are often designed to travel farther on a single charge. Specialized and custom Segways such as those outfitted to carry golf bags or fitted with seats are more expensive. Custom Segways can include trailers, hitches, skid plates and more.
  • Rental and individual tours will often include a 10-40-minute instructional session and helmets for safety.
  • Purchased Segways often include rechargeable batteries and a wireless key as well as an alarm system.

Additional CostsCost of a Segway

  • If you want to purchase a headlight and taillight for your Segway, expect to spend about $164. Alternatively, you can use a bicycle headlight, which would cost anywhere from $9-$100. Depending on the Segway model you choose, lights may be a manufacturer add-on.
  • A helmet can cost $15-$70.
  • A parking stand costs $65 from Segway. The stand can also be included depending on the model or purchased as an add-on.


  • Second-hand Segways go for about $2000 and increase based on the add-ons and condition of the machine.
  • If you’re looking for a discount, some Segway dealers offer great discounts so do your due diligence. 
  • So, if you’re shopping for a Segway you visit trade shows for new and used Segways as well as tours.

Bottom Line

Now that you have a better understanding of the cost of a Segway, you can go ahead and purchase or rent one for yourself. Prices will obviously differ from one state to another, but if you do your research you should be able to get one for a good deal.

Segway Technology

The Segway personal transporter is an electric-powered transportation device that employs unique technology in movement and braking. Using the device feels magical, thanks to the Segway technology behind it. The technology is unique and strives to give you an exceptional experience.

 segway technology

Segway Technology 

This article will be exploring all you need to know about Segway PT. At the end of it, you may want to get one for easy personal transport. 

How Does the Segway PT Work?

Segway PT uses gyroscopes and tilt sensors to emulate human balance. When you lean forward, the device moves forward. When you lean back, it also moves backward. When you straighten your body, it brakes. So, what exactly makes the Segway PT work smart?

The technological aspects discussed below are responsible for the powering of the Segway system. A more in-depth review of them will help you understand how the Segway works before you get on one for your next segway tour

  • Dynamic Stabilization

This technology on the Segway enables it to balance correctly. It allows you to maneuver and ride around easily. The small footprint, maneuverability, and the balance results in an exciting riding experience. 

  • Propelled by Electricity – An Efficient and Cheaper Source 

Electricity is a clean and efficient source of energy. Besides, electric propulsion is also suitable for individual adjustments on the wheel. This makes it ideal for a smooth-riding and turning. Electric propulsion also offers accurate software-based control and braking system. 

  • Digital Battery Management

Segway was among the pioneers of using lithium-ion batteries for transportation. The smart life battery system developed by Segway has a long life. 

  • Advanced Sensing System

The features of Segway PT give it reliable sensing system. A combination of propulsion, inertial sensing, and a straightforward user interface makes the riding feel magical. The sensing system of the Segway is just out of this world.

  • Latest Sensory Energy

Mechanical control systems are so ancient. Segway modernizes on the old mechanical system by capitalizing on the digital sensory system. It utilizes the latest sensory technology for safe control. The redundant systems are efficient for they provide input for steering, braking, and acceleration. 

  • User-Friendly 

The Segway has a simple user interface. It is minimalistic. You will appreciate the kind of connection you feel with this machine when you’re traveling through a new city, trade show or a festival. The sensing system of Segway gives you a captivating feeling. It upgrades from the traditional control system. It still remains user-friendly, despite employing various technological aspects in its functioning. 

  • Digital Dashboard for Easier Access to Information

All the information you need about the Segway is readily available on the dashboard. You can see the speed, connectivity details, battery life, and manuals at the panel. You know all that is going on with the device.  

Bottom Line

Segway PT is an advanced transport system that would leave you breathless. The feeling is like nothing you have ever experienced before. The modern Segway system has a long battery life, a digital dashboard, is user-friendly, energy-efficient, with a digital battery management system which is perfect to cruise around in if you’re going to an event or exploring a new city. These features have taken Segway technology to a whole new level; a level that you should explore.