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Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World – Water Bottles at Disney

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

Disney World packs the most fun you can ever have in one place. You can walk all day and still have more to explore the following day. Our promise is, as much as the fun never ends, you will get thirsty and hungry. One rule of the thump when you come to Disney World is to stay hydrated. But can you bring reusable water bottles into Disney World?

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

That and many other questions about Disney World will be answered in this article. You will learn of the drinks you can carry, foods, and anything else you should know when you visit.

Drinks you can Bring During the Visit

The place is dedicated to make it very comfortable and accommodating to visitors. It is even more suited to those with kids. In that regard, there are several rules to what drinks you can or cannot bring. Yes, you can bring as many reusable water bottles as you want and nobody will have a problem with you. But before you jump in celebrating that, hold on. You do not want to be dragging with you the extra weight. Only bring what is necessary, and a bottle for everyone will be adequate. 

If you’re asking yourself how to pack for Disney, consider packing a bottle for each member of your team, as this will make it easy during the Disney tour. Refill them before leaving your rooms. Going back for water will take a long time and you do not want to waste a minute you should be having fun. 

Can you Bring Food?

Yes, food is allowed as long as you are not using glass containers. You can also pack small coolers. If you have to bring medication in larger coolers, it has to be kept in a locker for safety. It is a good idea to bring your food as you will cut down expenses and use the extra money on visiting more places. However, bringing your food should not be an excuse to sample some of the delicious treats served within Disney World. Take your family out for dinner and have them enjoy a lazy evening after a day of tours. 

Things you Should Know Before You Visit Disney World

One thing about Orlando is that it is never extremely hot. There are never days when you expect the temperatures to be on the extreme side. However, evenings and mornings can swing towards a chilly atmosphere. You can expect some showers during the day. As much as the weather never gets extremely hot, you should not make a mistake of not bringing your water. The activities will be overwhelming and you need to stay hydrated. Bring extra water bottles for the kids. You do not want to leave in the middle of a tour just because your kid is thirsty and your water bottle is empty. 

In Conclusion

Once you decide to visit Disney World, you want to prepare for everything. You will ask a few questions. For example, can you bring reusable water bottles into Disney World? Yes you can and also bring packed food. But remember not to over pack and be tired even before you start your tours. Once you are done exploring Disney, consider visiting a science museum and/or a trade show before you return home.

How to Pack for Disney World

How to Pack for Disney World

Walt Disney World is considered by many to be the ultimate travel destination. There are plenty of exciting things to experience at Walt Disney World, which makes packing for the trip somewhat overwhelming. Knowing what and how to pack for Disney World will make your trip more exciting and worry free.

How to Pack for Disney World

In this article, we’ll point out some of the essential items you need to pack for Disney. Ultimately, you should be able to create a list of items you can check off as you pack.

Wallet, Tickets and Directions

Be sure to pack your driver’s license, Disney gift cards and credit card. Having some cash on hand can also come in handy. You also want to carry hard copies of reservations/tickets or magic bands if you have them. Also keep your eyes peeled on the park’s website to find out about any last minute upcoming events or news. Hard copies can come to the rescue should you experience internet or phone issues while in the park.

Comfy Shoes

A typical trip to Disney World involves plenty of walking between attractions and standing in line. So be sure to pack a comfortable pair of shoes that will keep you from getting sore feet or feeling uncomfortable when you should be having fun. Once you’re finished experiencing the park, you can also look into riding on segways around the area to give your feet a break. 


It’s advisable to carry a light back to Disney world. This will hold your essentials ranging from your phone charger and water bottles to snacks, ponchos and tickets. A light bag will also save you the cost of having to rent a storage locker as a nifty packing tip. Since the bag will be with you most of the day, go for a lightweight one that fits comfortably.

Water Bottle

You need to stay hydrated while walking around in the Park. The Florida heat can make you thirsty so it’s advisable to pack a refillable water bottle inside your daypack. A water bottle will save you the expense of purchasing bottled and allow you easy access to water whenever you’re thirsty. Should your water bottle run dry, you can always ask a cast member at any counter service restaurant to refill your bottle. They’ll be happy to do so.

Rain Jacket/Poncho

Even when clear skies are forecast, you can’t discount the possibility of rain in Orlando. Not to mention, you would want to be walking around in wet clothes. Therefore, be sure to include a poncho or rain jacket in your packing list. Disney also sells ponchos but they’ll run you about $10 each. You can save some cash by purchasing these types of items before getting into the park.

Cell Phone Charger

Your cell phone is an extremely valuable tool when you’re in the park. They help you communicate with your family/friends, check times, make reservations and use park apps and maps, etc. Come prepared with your charger because it’s easy to drain batteries at the park. Consider adding additional batteries or an external charger to your packing list — especially if you’re planning on going to other events such as a festival or so while you’re there.

Bottom Line

With those tips on how to pack for Disney World, you should have an easy time planning for your trip. Don’t forget to carry a few extra bags, some nice outfits, and sunglasses/sunscreen. Packing your own snacks will also help to cut down on spending.