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Ever wonder where you can go and see nearly everything you love under one roof?  Well, look no more!  The ultimate festival of trade shows show off the newest most desirable items.  Whether you are on the prowl for something specific or just want to browse you are surely to find something that catches your eyes!  One of the coolest things about trade shows is that you can be the first to test out new products that are not yet available to the public.  I don’t know about you, but I love to be the first to get my hands on cool new trinkets.  Another great thing about the ultimate trade show that is different from others is there are hundreds of categories to choose from!  Some trade shows I have been to in the past for instance only have clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from.  The ultimate festival of trade shows have cars, electronics, home supply and design, office supplies, beauty, surgeons, new foods and beverages just to name a few.  While at these shows you can leisurely walk up and down of aisles and aisles of different products.

Tradeshow 1

Usually, the rep for the particular item you are interested in is there to answer any questions you have about the product and can put in an order for you if you decide to purchase.  This is basically a one stop shop for all your home, entertainment and auto trades.  When you enter the building most likely there will be a map of all the different vendors.  Here you can get an idea of the hundreds of different vendors and which ones you would like to see.  Since you will probably only be at the trade show for a day or two you will have to narrow down your search since there are too many to visit all of them.  Once you narrow your search you can easily find the vendor by the numbered aisles.  It is really hard not to get distracted when going from one vendor to another because there are so many great things to see!  Most booths have some really catchy item in front of the tables to get you intrigued and pull you in for more!  If you are there for a specific product it makes it a lot easier and less distracted.  While there are many trade shows all around the country there is just not match for the ultimate festival of trade shows.  You should just simply not waste your time or your weekend.

Tradeshow 2

Tradesmen from all over will also be in attendance to show off their skills. Popular Car and Driver magazines will also be available for everyone who attends the amazing trades festival. Don’t forget to pick yours up!


This Years Trades Standouts are From Phoenix!

Window treatments wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Direct Buy Faux Wood Blinds and Rapid Blinds and Plantation Shutters that have taken over the market. This year, we will have featured tradesman who specialize in creating these types of window treatments.

Want the ability to get yourself out of a jam like locking yourself out of the car or home? This year, the experts and our favorite local locksmith will be on hand to show you an easy way to get in your vehicle or home after being locked out!

Interested in the secrets of how to keep your carpets cleaned? The carpet cleaning pros will be here to show you the latest “green” chemicals that will transform your carpets and keep them clean for months on end – all without lifting a finger to clean them.

Do those annoying little cracks in your windshield get to you? Well, tradesman in the windshield replacement and repair industry from Dealer Auto Glass of Phoenix, Dealer Auto Glass of Mesa and the overall company Dealer Auto Glass of Arizona that will be demonstrating to you how simple it is to replace or repair your own windshield.

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