All The Good Stuff In One Place!

Ever wonder where you can go and see nearly everything you love under one roof?  Well, look no more!  The ultimate festival of trade shows show off the newest most desirable items.  Whether you are on the prowl for something specific or just want to browse you are surely to find something that catches your eyes!  One of the coolest things about trade shows is that you can be the first to test out new products that are not yet available to the public.  I don’t know about you, but I love to be the first to get my hands on cool new trinkets.  Another great thing about the ultimate trade show that is different from others is there are hundreds of categories to choose from!  Some trade shows I have been to in the past for instance only have clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from.  The ultimate festival of trade shows have cars, electronics, home supply and design, office supplies, beauty, surgeons, new foods and beverages just to name a few.  While at these shows you can leisurely walk up and down of aisles and aisles of different products.

Tradeshow 1

Usually, the rep for the particular item you are interested in is there to answer any questions you have about the product and can put in an order for you if you decide to purchase.  This is basically a one stop shop for all your home, entertainment and auto trades.  When you enter the building most likely there will be a map of all the different vendors.  Here you can get an idea of the hundreds of different vendors and which ones you would like to see.  Since you will probably only be at the trade show for a day or two you will have to narrow down your search since there are too many to visit all of them.  Once you narrow your search you can easily find the vendor by the numbered aisles.  It is really hard not to get distracted when going from one vendor to another because there are so many great things to see!  Most booths have some really catchy item in front of the tables to get you intrigued and pull you in for more!  If you are there for a specific product it makes it a lot easier and less distracted.  While there are many trade shows all around the country there is just not match for the ultimate festival of trade shows.  You should just simply not waste your time or your weekend.

Tradeshow 2

Tradesmen from all over will also be in attendance to show off their skills. Popular Car and Driver magazines will also be available for everyone who attends the amazing trades festival. Don’t forget to pick yours up!


This Years Trades Standouts are From Phoenix!

Window treatments wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Direct Buy Faux Wood Blinds and Rapid Blinds and Plantation Shutters that have taken over the market. This year, we will have featured tradesman who specialize in creating these types of window treatments.

Want the ability to get yourself out of a jam like locking yourself out of the car or home? This year, the experts and our favorite local locksmith will be on hand to show you an easy way to get in your vehicle or home after being locked out!

Interested in the secrets of how to keep your carpets cleaned? The carpet cleaning pros will be here to show you the latest “green” chemicals that will transform your carpets and keep them clean for months on end – all without lifting a finger to clean them.

Do those annoying little cracks in your windshield get to you? Well, tradesman in the windshield replacement and repair industry from Dealer Auto Glass of Phoenix, Dealer Auto Glass of Mesa and the overall company Dealer Auto Glass of Arizona that will be demonstrating to you how simple it is to replace or repair your own windshield.…

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World – Water Bottles at Disney

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

Disney World packs the most fun you can ever have in one place. You can walk all day and still have more to explore the following day. Our promise is, as much as the fun never ends, you will get thirsty and hungry. One rule of the thump when you come to Disney World is to stay hydrated. But can you bring reusable water bottles into Disney World?

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

That and many other questions about Disney World will be answered in this article. You will learn of the drinks you can carry, foods, and anything else you should know when you visit.

Drinks you can Bring During the Visit

The place is dedicated to make it very comfortable and accommodating to visitors. It is even more suited to those with kids. In that regard, there are several rules to what drinks you can or cannot bring. Yes, you can bring as many reusable water bottles as you want and nobody will have a problem with you. But before you jump in celebrating that, hold on. You do not want to be dragging with you the extra weight. Only bring what is necessary, and a bottle for everyone will be adequate. 

If you’re asking yourself how to pack for Disney, consider packing a bottle for each member of your team, as this will make it easy during the Disney tour. Refill them before leaving your rooms. Going back for water will take a long time and you do not want to waste a minute you should be having fun. 

Can you Bring Food?

Yes, food is allowed as long as you are not using glass containers. You can also pack small coolers. If you have to bring medication in larger coolers, it has to be kept in a locker for safety. It is a good idea to bring your food as you will cut down expenses and use the extra money on visiting more places. However, bringing your food should not be an excuse to sample some of the delicious treats served within Disney World. Take your family out for dinner and have them enjoy a lazy evening after a day of tours. 

Things you Should Know Before You Visit Disney World

One thing about Orlando is that it is never extremely hot. There are never days when you expect the temperatures to be on the extreme side. However, evenings and mornings can swing towards a chilly atmosphere. You can expect some showers during the day. As much as the weather never gets extremely hot, you should not make a mistake of not bringing your water. The activities will be overwhelming and you need to stay hydrated. Bring extra water bottles for the kids. You do not want to leave in the middle of a tour just because your kid is thirsty and your water bottle is empty. 

In Conclusion

Once you decide to visit Disney World, you want to prepare for everything. You will ask a few questions. For example, can you bring reusable water bottles into Disney World? Yes you can and also bring packed food. But remember not to over pack and be tired even before you start your tours. Once you are done exploring Disney, consider visiting a science museum and/or a trade show before you return home.

How to Pack for Disney World

How to Pack for Disney World

Walt Disney World is considered by many to be the ultimate travel destination. There are plenty of exciting things to experience at Walt Disney World, which makes packing for the trip somewhat overwhelming. Knowing what and how to pack for Disney World will make your trip more exciting and worry free.

How to Pack for Disney World

In this article, we’ll point out some of the essential items you need to pack for Disney. Ultimately, you should be able to create a list of items you can check off as you pack.

Wallet, Tickets and Directions

Be sure to pack your driver’s license, Disney gift cards and credit card. Having some cash on hand can also come in handy. You also want to carry hard copies of reservations/tickets or magic bands if you have them. Also keep your eyes peeled on the park’s website to find out about any last minute upcoming events or news. Hard copies can come to the rescue should you experience internet or phone issues while in the park.

Comfy Shoes

A typical trip to Disney World involves plenty of walking between attractions and standing in line. So be sure to pack a comfortable pair of shoes that will keep you from getting sore feet or feeling uncomfortable when you should be having fun. Once you’re finished experiencing the park, you can also look into riding on segways around the area to give your feet a break. 


It’s advisable to carry a light back to Disney world. This will hold your essentials ranging from your phone charger and water bottles to snacks, ponchos and tickets. A light bag will also save you the cost of having to rent a storage locker as a nifty packing tip. Since the bag will be with you most of the day, go for a lightweight one that fits comfortably.

Water Bottle

You need to stay hydrated while walking around in the Park. The Florida heat can make you thirsty so it’s advisable to pack a refillable water bottle inside your daypack. A water bottle will save you the expense of purchasing bottled and allow you easy access to water whenever you’re thirsty. Should your water bottle run dry, you can always ask a cast member at any counter service restaurant to refill your bottle. They’ll be happy to do so.

Rain Jacket/Poncho

Even when clear skies are forecast, you can’t discount the possibility of rain in Orlando. Not to mention, you would want to be walking around in wet clothes. Therefore, be sure to include a poncho or rain jacket in your packing list. Disney also sells ponchos but they’ll run you about $10 each. You can save some cash by purchasing these types of items before getting into the park.

Cell Phone Charger

Your cell phone is an extremely valuable tool when you’re in the park. They help you communicate with your family/friends, check times, make reservations and use park apps and maps, etc. Come prepared with your charger because it’s easy to drain batteries at the park. Consider adding additional batteries or an external charger to your packing list — especially if you’re planning on going to other events such as a festival or so while you’re there.

Bottom Line

With those tips on how to pack for Disney World, you should have an easy time planning for your trip. Don’t forget to carry a few extra bags, some nice outfits, and sunglasses/sunscreen. Packing your own snacks will also help to cut down on spending.


Cost of a Segway

Although Segways come in a wide variety of models, the term widely refers to the two-wheeled electric personal transporter (PT). Segways have become quite popular over the past few years- especially because of their ease of use and versatility. The Segway uses innovative technology for steering and stability that allows the driver to accelerate and brake simply by leaning on a handle at the front. They can be purchased or rented for tours. So, what’s the cost of a Segway?

Cost of a SegwayCost of a Segway

Did you recently participate in a segway tour, and now would like to own one yourself? This post highlights the typical costs of purchasing or hiring a Segway. It also includes additional costs for using a Segway as well as what you can expect to pay for add-ons.

Typical Costs

A brand-new Segway will set you back from $6000 up depending on the model and where you buy it. Add ons such as fenders, those that are long-range, or segways that are faster can also cost more. You can also rent or take tours on Segways in most cities. They can also be rented for special occasions such as festivals, or by businesses.

What Should Be Included

  • Less expensive Segways models include the machine but may not include a footpad or front basket.
  • Some expensive models often include a taillight, mats for the driver’s platform, bags that attach to the handlebars and are often designed to travel farther on a single charge. Specialized and custom Segways such as those outfitted to carry golf bags or fitted with seats are more expensive. Custom Segways can include trailers, hitches, skid plates and more.
  • Rental and individual tours will often include a 10-40-minute instructional session and helmets for safety.
  • Purchased Segways often include rechargeable batteries and a wireless key as well as an alarm system.

Additional CostsCost of a Segway

  • If you want to purchase a headlight and taillight for your Segway, expect to spend about $164. Alternatively, you can use a bicycle headlight, which would cost anywhere from $9-$100. Depending on the Segway model you choose, lights may be a manufacturer add-on.
  • A helmet can cost $15-$70.
  • A parking stand costs $65 from Segway. The stand can also be included depending on the model or purchased as an add-on.


  • Second-hand Segways go for about $2000 and increase based on the add-ons and condition of the machine.
  • If you’re looking for a discount, some Segway dealers offer great discounts so do your due diligence. 
  • So, if you’re shopping for a Segway you visit trade shows for new and used Segways as well as tours.

Bottom Line

Now that you have a better understanding of the cost of a Segway, you can go ahead and purchase or rent one for yourself. Prices will obviously differ from one state to another, but if you do your research you should be able to get one for a good deal.

Trade Show Tips

If your company is looking to set up an exhibit at a trade show, it is important to ask yourself: How do I set up at a trade show to get the most out of my experience? Trade show exhibits could potentially cost a lot of money, as well as time and resources, making it doubly important that the company gets the most out of its exhibit. The trade show tips below are sure to help you during your event. 

Trade Show Tips


Taking the time to plan an event like a trade show strategically could help you get the most out of it, and lead to your business receiving more leads on potential new customers giving it new opportunities for growth.


Below, you will find some tips on how to set up your trade show to cast your business in the right light.

Set Your Trade Show Goals


The first step in setting up your trade show should be deciding what it is that you are looking to get from the exhibit. Decide how many attendees you are looking to attract and how many leads you hope to generate. Ask yourself if you are intending to sell products or if you are just going to focus on promoting existing products. Do you have auto products? Or maybe some home products to showcase? Make sure you set goals that cater to your products. 


Of course, it is possible to have multiple goals. However, the main goal, or goals, should be clear. The company should know what its return on investment will be for its participation in the trade show.

Research the Trade Show

Trade Show Tips

Find trade shows that will provide the company with the best return on investment in reference to the goals that you set in the first step of the setting up of the trade show.

Book the Space


You’ll need to learn everything you can about the space that the trade show is offering to your company. This includes where the space is on the floor, what other exhibits are close by, if it is a high traffic area of the floor, and what are the physical conditions of the space.

Target Your Exhibit to Your Audience


When constructing your exhibit, make sure that you take into account the audience that you are looking to target. If you have specific audiences in mind, you should plan an exhibit that speaks to those types of professionals. Look into demographic data to learn what they are interested in.


If you have multiple audiences in mind, have information for each audience’s needs.

Advertise Your Participation


Let your audience know that you will be participating in a trade show and where they can find your booth on the show floor. If there is a program available, consider advertising in it as well as programs are given to attendees during the trade show.

Other Tips

Trade Show Tips

Now that you’ve planned your booth, you may need some other tips to push your exhibit to the next level. Use social media to engage the audiences you’ve chosen to target and promote your attendance. You can also use contests to pull in large crowds to your booth. Larger crowds pique interest.
Have stock of the items you can giveaway and actively engage anyone who visits your booth. Here are Southshore Festival we know how important a trade show can be. Using these trade show tips, you are well on your way to making your trade show attendance a success.

Benefits of Going to a Science Museum

There are many benefits of going to a science museum. These communal centers are designed to inform and educate the masses. Academic learning is the main benefit of visiting a museum. Gaining academic knowledge, however, is just one of the many reasons why families visit local science museums. Indeed, these centers are a perfect venue to understand our history and improve our present life.

Benefits of Going to a Science Museumbenefits of going to a science museum

A few of the benefits of going to a science museum include arousing curiosity and educating yourself on something that you’ve always been curious about. 

Practical Exhibits

Science museums providers wonders such as planetarium displays and hands-on shows. They are designed to arouse curiosity and imagination through amusing and collaborative exhibits. These interactive exhibits are ideal for young children, families or even groups. If you are planning to visit your local science museum, be ready to experience amazing practical exhibits.

Field Trips 

Science museums present many educational opportunities such as field trips. Mostly, learners are charged lower rates, especially when in large groups. While in the museum, the local staff provides in house lessons for school-going children. Before visiting your local museum, it’s important to inquire about the field trip lessons. The staff may be happy to make one for your school in case they don’t offer such programs. 

Examples of field trips include:

  • Adventure trips – Here, volunteers use teaching rooms and exhibits to help learners through all activities at the science museum. 
  • Festivals – This program of offering festivals features many stations with hands-on exhibits to help students learn about museum activities. You can also visit an actual festival that is based around something specific where you can look into trades and even bring a souvenir home with you. 
  • Self-guided tours -Teachers are admitted free as long as the group pays a certain amount of entrance fee. Curriculum Museum staff works hand in hand with curriculum developers to create educational materials for participants. Most of these materials can be accessed online to grow science learning through the full circle of education. These materials enhance academic learning both in school and daily life. 
    • Examples of the curriculum offered at museums include:
      • Discovery classes -These programs are based either in school or science museums. 
      • Traveling trunks – This form of the curriculum is meant to make classroom learning livelier than ever before. It uses hands-on classes and realistic materials to bring learning experience into the classroom. 
      • Professional development – A good number of local museums provide a wide range of expert development programs that are designed to support teacher proficiency and incorporate practical science activities into learning. Also, museums provide formal lessons and workshops for people from all professional angles intending to support science instructors.
  • Summer camps – For those of you who attend camps, then you understand the benefits of doing so. Camping offers a good learning experience, especially for young children. It allows them to get out, spend quality time outdoors, interact with new friends, develop life survival skills as well as gain independence. Science museums offer several summer camps with the aim of captivating learners’ interests to improve their learning. This includes activities such as sailing, excavating fossils and more. 

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits of going to a science museum beyond learning and fun. Science museums are the custodians of history that are mostly overlooked in classroom learning. Visiting a museum will expose both teachers and learners to opportunities that spark learning and creativity. Therefore, look into any upcoming events around your area to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. 

Segway Technology

The Segway personal transporter is an electric-powered transportation device that employs unique technology in movement and braking. Using the device feels magical, thanks to the Segway technology behind it. The technology is unique and strives to give you an exceptional experience.

 segway technology

Segway Technology 

This article will be exploring all you need to know about Segway PT. At the end of it, you may want to get one for easy personal transport. 

How Does the Segway PT Work?

Segway PT uses gyroscopes and tilt sensors to emulate human balance. When you lean forward, the device moves forward. When you lean back, it also moves backward. When you straighten your body, it brakes. So, what exactly makes the Segway PT work smart?

The technological aspects discussed below are responsible for the powering of the Segway system. A more in-depth review of them will help you understand how the Segway works before you get on one for your next segway tour

  • Dynamic Stabilization

This technology on the Segway enables it to balance correctly. It allows you to maneuver and ride around easily. The small footprint, maneuverability, and the balance results in an exciting riding experience. 

  • Propelled by Electricity – An Efficient and Cheaper Source 

Electricity is a clean and efficient source of energy. Besides, electric propulsion is also suitable for individual adjustments on the wheel. This makes it ideal for a smooth-riding and turning. Electric propulsion also offers accurate software-based control and braking system. 

  • Digital Battery Management

Segway was among the pioneers of using lithium-ion batteries for transportation. The smart life battery system developed by Segway has a long life. 

  • Advanced Sensing System

The features of Segway PT give it reliable sensing system. A combination of propulsion, inertial sensing, and a straightforward user interface makes the riding feel magical. The sensing system of the Segway is just out of this world.

  • Latest Sensory Energy

Mechanical control systems are so ancient. Segway modernizes on the old mechanical system by capitalizing on the digital sensory system. It utilizes the latest sensory technology for safe control. The redundant systems are efficient for they provide input for steering, braking, and acceleration. 

  • User-Friendly 

The Segway has a simple user interface. It is minimalistic. You will appreciate the kind of connection you feel with this machine when you’re traveling through a new city, trade show or a festival. The sensing system of Segway gives you a captivating feeling. It upgrades from the traditional control system. It still remains user-friendly, despite employing various technological aspects in its functioning. 

  • Digital Dashboard for Easier Access to Information

All the information you need about the Segway is readily available on the dashboard. You can see the speed, connectivity details, battery life, and manuals at the panel. You know all that is going on with the device.  

Bottom Line

Segway PT is an advanced transport system that would leave you breathless. The feeling is like nothing you have ever experienced before. The modern Segway system has a long battery life, a digital dashboard, is user-friendly, energy-efficient, with a digital battery management system which is perfect to cruise around in if you’re going to an event or exploring a new city. These features have taken Segway technology to a whole new level; a level that you should explore.